License & Technology

-We support clients to obtain a right manufacturing Technologies with reliabilities in

selecting the best Licensee.

-Our R&D Department examines the best options available in the Market for the best


-We advise our clients about the marketing and future conditions of the products sales and improvements.

-Our Experts in L&T team will participate and support the commissioning team and making the best scenarios for start up the plant.

-We improve suitable plant Technology operability’s with client operation team.

Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Phase

-We provide a wide range of Feasibility study where overall objectives will be taken in consideration of client’s targets.

FEED Phase

-The EPC Group provides a wide range of Front End Engineering Design.

-Out technical experts are specialized in making Dual Conceptual and FEED phase where the costs of clients drop significate low.

-We provide complete basic engineering design packages, including HAZOP studies.

– Reliable FEED which causes little change during E.P.C. Phase is the key to successful


-The EPC Group has a great deal of Database and Effective Engineering Tools and

experiences experts. We provide a reliable FEED with conducted in an efficient manner.