Construction management

Moving towards the start of actual construction, we create more detailed plans & constructability scenarios, select appropriate subcontractors from around the globe, and begin practical measures such as hiring necessary staff.

Based on the schedule and procedure from the constructability study we drafted in phase 1-2 & 3 with a best mobilization practice.

We create a list of necessary items, and contribute to optimizing the project as a whole through feedback to the upstream work, including engineering and procurement.

The EPC Group divides tasks based on WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), our own in-house system for optimizing logistics, net work schedule, and human resource mobilization. We run simulations using our in-house 3D/4D CAD SYSTEM to create a highly detailed construction plan.

At our construction sites around the world with various nationalities are working at any given time.

Assembling & Managing workers and tens of thousands of tons of materials from all over the world, we use control systems to ensure we stay on schedule at maximum performance.

We are Using our in-house CMS (Construction Management System), we handle upstream information on engineering and procurement to predict the amount of work and the appropriate deployment of workers, and feed that back to engineering and procurement.

Our perennial commitment to safety and quality goes without saying, and we have achieved a world record for safety, standing at all man-hours without lost time injury, earning the highest praise from our clients.

Our goal is Construction with no accident.